Team Bridge to the future

Ever taken the ferry to Tallinn, or any other trip? It’s quite pleasurable and worthy experience right? Well, what goes on in the bridge of that ship is a totally different story, especially when it comes to alert situations. We are here to transform the experience with the bridge environment and ship them directly to the future, are you in for the trip?

Sponsor: ABB Marine

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Joel TolonenTeam Bridge to the future

Team ProForce

Did you ever asked yourself, how do I place a very small and fragile object in a very high spot? Well… neither did we. But this is how it all started. To check if a generator is functioning properly or needs repair, we need to carefully place delicate vibration sensors all over it, while the machine is running and burning one litre of fuel every second. For the first time, Team ProForce presents the amazing technology that makes all this possible.

Sponsor: ABB

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André SantosTeam ProForce