Plan and Execute

And don’t let anything get in the way.

Quick and dirty Prototyping

Battery man to the rescue!

An interdisciplinary team project…

…in which business, design and engineering meet!

The key to success?

Fail fast and prototype sooner!

Project Gallery

Yonder (2014-15)

Yonder is an adventurous product development project. We’re a group of explorers ...

Team That Loves People (2013-14)

Team That Loves People is working together with HUS on development of ...

Konstructor (2014-15)

Constructing tall buildings is extremely challenging – need of transporting materials, equipment ...

NetMedi (2012-13)

We aspire to improve communication and information flow in healthcare by combining ...

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Welcome to the first lecture!

Welcome to the 1st meeting of PdP Class 2017-2018

Design Factory, the Stage, on Wednesday 13th September, 16:15 o’clock.

First actions are introductory lectures and team forming procedures (13th and 20th Sept). The materials (slides etc) will be published at MyCourses.

In case that you will NOT be able to participate team forming on 20.9., make sure to give notice to us!

See you there,

Eetu & Bijan & Aimane


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