20th PdP Gala on May 19th 2017

Come see the amazing projects and products developed by the PdP teams at the 20th PdP Gala on May 19th 2017!

Project Gallery

Arcticum (2012-13)

You know what it means to dress for success, and you make ...

Team Satisflying (2014-2015)

We are team Satisflying. We are working to improve hand luggage management ...

AT Skate (2014-2015)

We are working on electric offroad skateboard. We hope to get moving ...

Team Gravity Fighters

Mobile. Lightweight. Battery powered. HOIST. Traditionally the power is fed to the ...

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Missed the Halfway Show?

At the Halfway Show 2017 all the PdP teams went on the stage to present their company sponsored projects for the world. We also celebrated the 20th year of PdP. You can watch the whole show here.

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