It’s all about the journey…

“The final outcome usually remains unclear throughout the project but as we often say, what really matters, is the journey.”

New PdP year started in September 14th!

New year of PdP started and is well underway with 16 strong and enthusiastic teams!

An interdisciplinary team project…

…in which business, design and engineering meet!

The key to success?

Fail fast and prototype sooner!

The design process might be chaotic at times…

but in the end the whole package comes together!

Project Gallery

Team That Loves People (2013-14)

Team That Loves People is working together with HUS on development of ...

Wisionary (2012-13)

Wisionary makes a bold shot at making exploring one’s surroundings fun and ...

SingleShot (2013-14)

Do you hardly associate yourself in a scenario of going hunting? We ...

Labrary (2011-12)

Labrary is a showroom specially designed for libraries that lets visitors explore ...

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First Steps

Here’s what you can expect to happen in the first couple of meetings:
“Dear student
Product Development Project is designed and open for Aalto University students from any School (ARTS, BIZ, SCI, ENG, ELEC, CHEM). It is recommended to start the course as part of Master’s level studies.
First meeting with PdP class is on 14th September (16:15) at Design Factory, Stage. (
On 14th and 21st Sept we go through introductory lectures and team forming exercises. Note: as part of the process, every student has a personal responsibility to find a place in one of the teams. The process is further explained, coached and supervised by the course staff.
The optional project assignments (briefs) will be published on 15th of Sep in MyCourses.
Looking forward to meet you soon,
-Kalevi “Eetu” Ekman, Course professor/DF captain”
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