Imagine a construction site. There is an autonomous tower crane. How is it possible?

Here is the new automated crane technology with simple user interface. The crane will be connected to your tablet, so that you can control it from the ground. This new user interface would not require any professional education and can be controlled intuitively with GPS info and a map on a touchscreen. It’s safe and efficient.

Come to see the future of construction sites.

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George AtanassovConnext



Very Finnish Problems: Pipe renovation is coming. Sky-high costs, nuisances, noise and air pollution. On the clean side, the residents get nervous: what if they inhale bad air? On the dirty side, construction workers are drilling, sawing and milling, releasing invisible but carcinogenic fine particles. Due to scarce time and resources, the occupational health checks on construction sites sometimes involve guesstimates.

The Safera dust sensor stops the guessing. Real-time air quality monitoring for construction sites sends alarms to safety officers or worried residents, storing the historic data on the cloud.

Test it for yourself!

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George AtanassovSafera

Harry Spotter

Harry Spotter

The modern world requires that we spend most of our time indoors, often in stuffy conference rooms or classrooms. Post COVID-19, this stuffiness is no longer a mere annoyance. Poor ventilation and lower oxygen content can contribute to the spread of disease, as well as decreases in productivity.

Our product, known by the working title The Spotter, in partnership with Produal, aims to create dynamic adjustments to airflow in confined spaces. Using thermal imaging and depth sensing, The Spotter will keep a live count of people in a room and improve air quality by maintaining adequate ventilation.

Come visit us at the Final PDP Gala to observe our finished product!

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George AtanassovHarry Spotter



In the current overpopulated world, where there are people dying because of not having access to drinkable water, is it fair to waste water when watering your plants?

The answer to that question is clear, and our way of contributing to this matter is to bring the aeroponics to everyone.

With our aeroponic garden, cultivating becomes a water efficient activity, that helps protecting the environmentwhile still getting those awesome vegetables for your next meal.

Come to find out how can you set up your own new, budget aeroponics garden.

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George AtanassovAerofarm

Brgr Lab

Brgr Lab

Everything began with the simple idea that it would be awesome to create robots able to make delicious burgers. It could even provide practical enhancements to the burger making process, such as making it simpler, safer, faster, and perhaps more fun?

BRGRLab’s adventures in food automation involved dividing the requirements into different modules, ensuring proper movement between said modules, and incorporating an electronic interface and overseer of the whole process. It must be noted that an impressive number of possibilities, choices and challenges arose, showing that good things can happen when a diverse, skilled team joins to talk about burgers.

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George AtanassovBrgr Lab



After a long day full of tasks to do and deadlines to catch, getting your essential everyday items delivered should not add anymore compulsory communications and arrangements to your to do list.

By ordering items to be delivered using our drones, your packaged will be carried, handled, sorted and kept safely in a dropshop located no further than 5 min walk from your home.

You can get the items whenever you want 24/7, as quick as you need. All contactless, all hassle free, waiting for you to come check at Design Factory.

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George AtanassovFive



As long as fish traps have been used, they have been simple and unintelligent. Living in the 21st century its about time that the traps are made smart, helping fishermen save both time and fuel.

Team Fishmongers has developed a technology that allows the fishermen to monitor the content of their traps remotely and access this information from the comfort of their home with their smartphone. You might be wondering how this is done? Do yourself a favor and swim over to our stand to find out more!

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George AtanassovFishmongers



At airports safety is everything.

As the number of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles increases, it’s crucial for airports to identify objects in the sky. The amount of bird strikes has also been on the rise, which shows how important it is to detect objects before it’s too late.

Come and visit us to see how neural networks can help with detection and identification for a safer future of aviation!

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George AtanassovAviGuardX



Think about it! Our brain is responsible for all our thoughts and actions.

Have we ever thought about how it works?

Can we at least partly replicate the beauty of it?

We say YES! you can; by using an Artificial Neural Network (ANN).

We, as Team Plexus are designing a sculpture that explains ANN to kids by using interactive screens which recognizes handwritten numbers. We expose little learners to an emerging concept like artificial intelligence early on in their lives. After all, it’s never too early to become a scientist!

We seek to ignite that spark of curiosity in kids. Come, see how fun it is to be curious and learn.

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George AtanassovPlexus

Go With The Flow

Grand Rental

Moving is a common job that everybody must perform multiple times in their life. After each time you will always feel exhaustion.

Now imagine you are moving heavy furniture, like your refrigerator or piano not just once but several times in one week. The heavy weight and poor working ergonomics from lifting and moving this large furniture will exhaust you!

This has lead us Team go with the flow to create a lifting helper for moving grand pianos. With our device the moving of grand pianos has never been easier!

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George AtanassovGo With The Flow


Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) has been rapidly gaining ground in recent years both in consumer and professional application areas, such as gaming, employee training, collaborative design. However, the development of haptic interfaces, such as smart gloves for gesture-based interaction, are still at an early stage.

The project’s objective is to develop new haptic interfaces that would provide intuitive and personalized AR/VR experience, and to explore new market potential.

Sponsor: HitSeed

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Joel TolonenTeam FRAGE

Team Winco

Have you ever experienced train delays during winter? You might be looking at the effect (delay) but we are looking at the cause (switches). Switches are affected by the build up of ice and snow, making it difficult for them to function correctly. To avoid this the switches are heated by energy intense resistors which consumes approximately half of all the rail infrastructure maintenance energy. We are here to provide an alternative solution to rail switch heating and to save the energy!

Sponsor: Winco

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Joel TolonenTeam Winco

Team SkyCrew

Imagine. You are working in a new workspace and sharing it with many others. After a while, you start feeling that the area around you could be more… inspirational, open or heck, loud and crazy. Now, what if you were handed the possibility to make that change, with free hands for researching and developing that space? By the way… that space is very big. We are Team Skycrew and this is our task.

Sponsor: Airbus

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Joel TolonenTeam SkyCrew

Team Bridge to the future

Ever taken the ferry to Tallinn, or any other trip? It’s quite pleasurable and worthy experience right? Well, what goes on in the bridge of that ship is a totally different story, especially when it comes to alert situations. We are here to transform the experience with the bridge environment and ship them directly to the future, are you in for the trip?

Sponsor: ABB Marine

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Joel TolonenTeam Bridge to the future

Team FireFlys

The severity of wildfires has been increasing over the past decades. Giving rise to increased loss of life, damage to property and destruction of nature. Presently employed solutions to monitor vast areas, such as forest are lacking and expensive. The goal of Heimdall together with team “FireFlys” is to deploy cutting edge sensing technologies on a UAV ( Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). The combination of maneuverability and sensing from a top-down perspective creates a great system for early detection and continuous sensing of forest fires.

Sponsor: Heimdall

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Joel TolonenTeam FireFlys


Everybody can imagine that it’s a uncomfortable experience to have cancer scanned by going inside a scanning capsule of cancer scanner machine in the hospital. Luckily, next generation of cancer scanning is here. ScanWear is a wearable PET cancer scanner, that scans for a longer time than a regular PET scanning device, meaning that the same accuracy results are given by less radioactive tracer. In addition, the patient will feel comfortable and secure when wearing the garment. WPET makes the scanning process as easy and pleasant as possible.

Sponsor: The University of Manchester & CAEN Spa

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Joel TolonenTeam LASER

Team Futudent

Usually, dentistry, as well as the majority of medical manipulations are not associated with comfort. How to make the patient feel safe, as well as the doctor do their task more precisely and faster? Experience shows, that a lot of time is spent for the loads of documentation, whereas it could and it has to be spent on a patient. So, the documenting device has to be as less interruptive as it can ever be. The existing photo-and- video capturing system provided by the rapidly growing company Futudent is at a high demand from dentist hospitals from West to East. However, collaboration of doctors and engineers could go even further and become more productive by creating the camera setup almost unseen to the users. Team Futudent came up with a great solution such as a carpet with NFC operated system, where a doctor can operate the camera just by light movement of the foot on the surface of the carpet. No wires, no disturbing, clear quick result!

Sponsor: Futudent

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Joel TolonenTeam Futudent

Team Tardigrade

Most satellites fall back down to earth and burn in the atmosphere due to air drag. The problem is that these satellites are standardized in volume and cubic shape, because of launching requirements. This cubic shape is also the attribute contributing to the air drag. Team Tardigrade is determined to design a post-deployment mechanism to improve the aerodynamics of micro satellites. With better aerodynamics the air drag is reduced, and satellite lifetime increased.

Sponsor: Aurora Propulsion Technologies

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Joel TolonenTeam Tardigrade

Team UFO

Today autonomous lift trucks are beginning to populate modern warehouses. However, full automatization is still far in the future. Warehouses have to incorporate manual and autonomous lift trucks in their operations. We are developing a Human-Machine Interface based on commercial tablets for manual warehouse lift trucks. The goal is to improve the workflow for the manual drivers and help them operate harmoniously with autonomous trucks.

Sponsor: Rocla

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Joel TolonenTeam UFO

Team Wonder

What if a sensing material could change the way we interact in everyday life; in our homes, public spaces or with technology, as well as collect data to inform the future? Imagine have created a product that can do just that. A sensing material using graphene that has the potential to transform the way industry can interact with the everyday and create environments that will bring people together, improve service delivery and solve universal economic problems. We will be considering all the possible applications for Imagines’ Graphene to deliver a solution that will be beneficial for consumers worldwide.

Sponsor: Imagine

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Joel TolonenTeam Wonder

Team Turners

Turntable for elements – How to rotate the heavy concrete elements at construction sites? Currently it’s done by two cranes, which ties up valuable crane time. Using a turntable will allow reorientation of concrete elements with weight of 10 000 kg even at sites where there is limited crane capacity. Goal is to have a safe and mobile tool that could be delivered to construction sites in need. Our team is creating a 1:1 scale prototype of the turntable for testing in action.

Sponsor: Trenox

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Joel TolonenTeam Turners

Team Sauron’s Eye

“Systems do not simplify the results; systems simplify the process of getting there.”
Team Sauron’s Eye has set out to achieve just this. Our scalable and powerful monitoring system, which includes automated drone scanning, makes use of the tower crane’s privileged point of view. Workers use this data to track construction materials and enhance communication, improving site safety and efficiency.

Sponsor: Trenox

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André SantosTeam Sauron’s Eye

Team CooKit

Have you ever left your stove on while cooking your favourite meal? We know safe cooking can be challenging. It’s easy to overcook pasta, burn a steak or, even worse, burn down your house. Team CooKit will save your home from a house fire and, at the same time, will make cooking more enjoyable. Our smart kitchen solution will enhance the overall cooking experience by increasing interaction and enjoyment while keeping your house safe. Through smart connectivity, you can control your stove remotely with your voice or any mobile device.

Sponsor: Safera

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André SantosTeam CooKit


Guess which industry has only recently gone digital? Air traffic control! Saab is working at the forefront of the field and making air traffic control remote and digital and Team WASP is helping them improve their current product. In a Remote ControlCentre(RCC) a team of air traffic controllers can operate on multiple airports from anywhere. Team WASP is improving the ergonomy, usability and user experience of RCC to make the controller’s job easier and to improve air traffic safety and operational efficiency.

Sponsor: Saab

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André SantosTeam WASP

Team Trident

Special dishes and events celebrations are our choices to try a restaurant, but it’s not enough. Restaurants are to make sure that customers have the best experience whilesavoring their food. Things are going to be a lot different in the future. Have you everpictures a fully-automatic kitchen? One where a robot chef prepares your food, andeverything moves seamlessly in peaceful harmony. A humanoid robot could cook exquisite dishes with unimaginable precision. Team Trident presents you with a robot chef who can cook pizza and make every single meal unforgettable.

Sponsor: Restel

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André SantosTeam Trident

Team FoodGuard

Each year, millions of kilos of food end up in the bin. Our shifting schedules and dynamic everyday life make it difficult to manage all that happens in our homes. Food, in particular, can easily slip the mind. In order to minimise food waste, we created FoodGuard – an elegant solution which helps people better understand how they use and dispose of food. The subtle interactions between user, container and mobile app aim to create a non-intrusive experience which saves money, decreases biowaste and provide exciting new options for meals that are already available in your own home.

Sponsor: Orthex

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André SantosTeam FoodGuard

Team Atarum

Have you ever hit a speed bump on the road a bit too hard? Didn’t feel good, did it? Imagine experiencing that with a broken hip or spinal injury. Road conditions can be tough during medical emergency transport: shakes and jolts cause unnecessary pain to patients and even inflict additional trauma. Team Atarum has developed a solution to stabilize patients in transport. Using Murata’s movement sensor technology, we have built an actively stabilized patient transport platform.

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André SantosTeam Atarum

Team Unit3

How often do you get a chance to meet students from outside of your discipline? Since its creation, Aalto University has provided an ideal environment for successful studies but is still working to find ways to bring its student community together. This separation is a contributing factor to why our students are twice as likely to experience burnout when compared to the national average. Project Habitat is a space built from wood to help students reconnect, both with each other and with themselves. Habitat is changing student life by providing an outlet for expression, an excuse to collide, and a space to unite.

Sponsor: KY

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André SantosTeam Unit3

Team FutuLift

A robot installing an elevator – not science fiction anymore. The laborsome and completely manual installation in a dark narrow shaft by two technicians is the reality today. Team FutuLift says “No more!” and presents a brand new elevator concept that can be installed by a robot. Starting from scratch, the team has combined traditional origami folding techniques, modern materials, and digital robot automation to display a unique design that truly represents the future.

Sponsor: KONE

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André SantosTeam FutuLift

Team WeBrew

Imagine a world where you can make your dream of beer at home! Sponsored by Ericsson, Team WeBrew introduces an all-in-one, IoT solution for homebrewing with full control over the brewing process. Our team’s aim is to make that process as effortless as possible while providing the joy of creativity and crafting. With the ourmobile app, you can discover amazing recipes and invent your dream beer while monitoring and tracking the progress of your brew.

Sponsor: Ericsson

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André SantosTeam WeBrew

Team ProForce

Did you ever asked yourself, how do I place a very small and fragile object in a very high spot? Well… neither did we. But this is how it all started. To check if a generator is functioning properly or needs repair, we need to carefully place delicate vibration sensors all over it, while the machine is running and burning one litre of fuel every second. For the first time, Team ProForce presents the amazing technology that makes all this possible.

Sponsor: ABB

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André SantosTeam ProForce

Team Findia

The ocean covers nearly 70% of the earth and 95% of it remains unexplored. Aalto Explorer is a start-up company that aims to provide the first “Community Controlled Vehicle (CCV)” for underwater exploration for researchers, explorers and everyone who is interested in discovering and learning the unknown in our ocean. FIND-X, is an integral product designed by team “Findia” that is controlled remotely through the internet and 3G/4G mobile signal, opening the possibility for everyone to join and experience a magical expedition directed by experts in the underwater world.

Sponsor: Aalto Industries

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André SantosTeam Findia

Team Kovr

Farmers of all industries work long hours so consumers can enjoy their end products at home. They work regardless of weather conditions being extreme. Extreme environments create risks for accidents especially with farmers using tractors. Kovr is a Service System which aims at keeping the farmers secure in and outside the tractors. This system comprises of two IOT devices and one digital service which creates an intelligent layer around the farmer. In case of an emergency Kovr has you covered.

Sponsor: Valtra

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André SantosTeam Kovr

Team Sustainable Pirates

The shipping industry is making the world smaller to us by making available products from all around the world. However, a little is said about its consequences… The pollution that 1 cargo ship emits is the same as the pollution emitted by 50 million cars, and 230 million people are directly exposed to the toxins emitted near the ports. Our team is collaborating with Wärtsilä to decrease emission problem by developing a modular ship concept, which will separate the engine and the cargo parts during docking.

Sponsor: Wärtsilä

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André SantosTeam Sustainable Pirates

Team MiCrane

Human errors are the main cause of tower crane accidents, which could be easily avoided by automation. However, developing automation systems is time-consuming and can be tedious financially, not to mention that arranging to test in real sites can be really complicated. Our team is creating a realistic scale model of a construction site with cranes that work much as the real ones do. By using this model, it will be possible to test the newly created automation systems safely, quickly and cost-effectively making construction sites a much safer place.

Sponsor: Trenox

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André SantosTeam MiCrane

Team Seasu

When you are diving, you can feel free and forget everything else. However, for the surface team, the uncertainty of the diver’s situation is making the experience tense, because in this extreme sport there is no room for errors. Team Seasu introduces a solution that enables the surface team to track the location and depth of a diver wirelessly and in real time. Using our app and hydroacoustic communication method, we also establish a way to exchange messages between the diver and the surface team.

Sponsor: Saab

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André SantosTeam Seasu

Team Rapala

Currently, for fishermen to be prepared for different fishing environments and weather conditions, the only option is to bring as many lures with them as they possibly can carry. With the fishing lure of tomorrow, this is no longer required. Our team has been developing a fishing lure to function successfully in alternating environmental conditions. This is achieved by turning the lure color into an adjustable variable controlled by the fishermen in the action. This will create a more relaxed and simple fishing experience without sacrificing the authentic fishing traditions.

Sponsor: Rapala

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André SantosTeam Rapala

Team T-Ray

When going to a concert, sports game or other events the last thing on your mind should be your safety. One way to improve security is to utilize x-ray technology which can quickly scan bags for not only guns and knives but also hazardous material that can go undetected using metal detectors. The problem is that x-ray machines aren’t easy to transport because they are extremely heavy and bulky. That’s why we have created the world’s first high capacity transportable x-ray machine. Allowing more venues to take advantage of the technology making events safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

Sponsor: Pexraytech

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André SantosTeam T-Ray

Team AI Xperience

Have you ever thought about what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and how it can help you now and in the future? AI is everywhere around us today and in the coming few years it will be more and more present in our daily lives, so why not take a moment now to understand its applications and the benefits it can bring?

Sponsor: Omnia AI Lab

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André SantosTeam AI Xperience

Team Nose Knows

Dogs have been man’s best friend for ages now. Changing lifestyle styles and smaller living spaces, make dogs anxious and stressed. In our absence, this stress leads to unwanted “accidents”. Nose Knows has developed a solution which keeps our pet dogs busy while life keeps us away from them. Our robot trains dogs to solve puzzles using their sharp sense of smell which engages them and develops skills for an enhanced pet­-human bond.

Sponsor: Nose Academy 

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André SantosTeam Nose Knows

Team Freelevator

The Freelevator is an unconventional elevator of the future. By cutting down on cables and counterweights, we’re allowing the elevator to move not just vertically, but horizontally as well. And while doing so, we’re also conserving energy. The elevator car will be suspended between two shaft walls which allows it to go as high up as desired and also anywhere within one floor. This will bring forth a revolution in the way we build cities in the future and how we move about in larger buildings and other structures.

Sponsor: KONE

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André SantosTeam Freelevator

Team Floss

Our mission was to take a professional, high-end piece of dental equipment and breathe new life into its robust and successful design. Through the pursuit of LEAN production methods and imaginative application of modern manufacturing methods, Team Floss has brought the Focus stability arm into the present day both on the production line and in dentists’ offices all over the world.

Sponsor: Kavo Kerr

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André SantosTeam Floss

Team Double V

What happens when welding meets augmented reality? The future.
Welding is a complex and challenging field. We, the Double V team, believe that implementing augmented reality will improve working conditions, quality, efficiency, and communication, revolutionizing the industry.
The revolution has just begun.

Sponsor: Haapaniemen Tietotekniikka

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André SantosTeam Double V

Team Bottle Squad

By 2050, there will be more plastic waste in the oceans than fish. Roughly, half of all that waste will be from plastic bottles. We are team BottleSquad, and we were tasked with a simple, yet profound task: stop plastic bottles from polluting our oceans. By redesigning, rethinking, and reshaping the plastic bottle, we aim to present a solution that will tackle the global issue of plastic waste.

Sponsor: Aalto Industries

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André SantosTeam Bottle Squad

Team Mind Matter

Every three seconds another person is diagnosed with a memory disorder around the world. As our population continues to age this problem will only get worse. There is a clear need to act! The Future Memory Care team is creating an innovative adult daycare center to slow down or halt the progression of early memory diseases. By taking advantage of multi-sensorial stimuli we have created an innovative therapeutic experience that not only adapts to a patient’s individual needs but also helps them work through common challenges associated with early-stage memory disease.

Sponsor: Future Memory Care Oy (FMC)

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André SantosTeam Mind Matter